Centris Homeschool Solutions

Centris Education Group is composed of homeschooling advocates who are veteran homeschooling families and educators. We have first-hand experience in home education programs and successful homeschooling journeys, which we want to share with our partner families. We focus on helping each family succeed in homeschooling by providing holistic, wold-class and personalized home education services, which are proven effective and flexible solutions that equip and empower students, parents and the whole family.

Happiness Desk

The Helping Hands. Always ready to serve joyfully in handling quiries, providing information, managing accounts and supporting administrative requirements to ensure the smooth process from admission, re-enrollment and conclusion of every homeschooling families journey.

Family Care

The Heart.  Led by dedicated homeschooling veterans whose hearts beat to provide the utmost care by mentoring and counseling through learning milestones, organizing community events, and building family connections - ensuring everyone shares a maximized enjoyable, and succesful homeschooling journey.

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The Mind. Headed by qualified and experienced academicians, that research on the latest learning methodologies, ensure excellence, relevance, and alignment of curriculums and monitor academic progress - geared towards increasing the academic performance of learners.


A dynamic platform where every qualified member and experienced partner of our Centris Community contributes in equipping the next generation with the necessary life skills to prepare them for L.I.F.E - Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence. 


A powerful training platform that edifies the parent-teachers to be intentional, committed, and confident in homeschooling. Parents are provided with a suite of essential training that enables them to embrace and triumph the challenges of homeschooling, build closer family relationships, discover the intricacies of their children, and make informed choices in their homeschooling journey.

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